Private Dining

We are happy to offer our facilities for private dining functions, buffets and canapé receptions with no room-hire rate, and are willing to work with clients to design a bespoke menu to ensure a personal and memorable event is achieved.

Unless there is a practical reason as to why we are unable to produce or source an item, then a menu can be completely tailored to your specific requirements and tastes in terms of both food and drink. Our managers and chefs will work with you to create an individual & unique experience.

The pricing for an event is weighed up based on the overall package, rather than on a cost per item. As we are hand producing items on site with seasonal produce, rather than bulk ordering frozen ingredients, the price is worked out on a market rate, again, specific to your requirements. If a menu does not tie in with your initial budget, we will be able to advise on revisions and efficiencies.

The following guides are a reference to the most consistently popular menu choices we have encountered so far, along with a few sample menus to help and illustrate our willingness to work with our customers to produce an impressively individual affair

Funeral Buffet Functions at the Cross Scythes Totley
Set Menu Buffet Functions at the Cross Scythes Totley
Bufect Functions at the Cross Scythes Totley
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